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GTC 360° Advisors is a full-service business strategy, government contracting & grants, and public affairs consulting firm. Our experienced counselors provide comprehensive business strategy & intelligence, business development, government procurement, and public affairs solutions for U.S. and international clients.

We find solutions in the impossible.

GTC 360° Advisors provides a range of business development, government procurement and capture strategy, and integrated public affairs campaigns for select clients based on our extensive corporate, government, and political experience.

We are persistent in our execution and agile in our approach.

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Our professional expertise is rooted in law with over 20 years’ experience working in national security, political campaigns, technology and global public relations. 

Our Partnerships

GTC 360° Advisors leverages its strategic partnerships to maximize value for our clients. We infuse outside-the-box thinking with a proactive, campaign-style approach.

Our Value

GTC 360° Advisors delivers world-class strategy and implementation at a much better value compared to other consultancies. We do not bait and switch.

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