We Find Solutions in the Impossible


GTC 360° is a full-service commercial sales agency providing integrated business strategy, procurement capture, and public affairs for our clients.

We leverage our strategic partnerships around the world to maximize value for our select clients.


GTC 360° provides business development, procurement capture strategy & execution, and integrated public affairs campaigns for our clients based on our extensive corporate, government, and political experience.

GTC 360° secures business for our clients and delivers world-class strategy and implementation at a much better value compared to other consultancies.

We are persistent in our execution and more agile than your competitors.

We do not bait and switch.


360° Business Development, Government Procurement Capture Strategy, and Execution 
GTC Government Relations and Policy Navigation
Integrated Public Affairs Strategy & Implementation
GTC Behavioral Change Messaging
Behavioral Change Messaging
GTC Competitive Intelligence & Analysis
Competitive Intelligence & Analysis
GTC International Law & Regulations
International Law & Policy Navigation
GTC Crisis Management
Crisis Management
GTC Event Production, Coordination, and Management
360° Event Production, Coordination, and Management
GTC Grassroots Outreach
Grassroots Outreach
GTC Hard-to-Find Recruitment & Staffing
Hard-to-Find Recruitment & Staffing

GTC 360°’s expertise is rooted in law with over 19 years’ experience working in national security, political campaigns, and global public relations.

We have negotiated highly sensitive international agreements and implemented complex business strategies and public affairs campaigns for clients ranging from governments to multinational corporations and small businesses.

Comprehensive Business Development, Procurement Capture, and Public Affairs


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