Competitive Intelligence & Market Analysis

Key Personnel

George C. Tagg, Jr.

Michael Choi

Lizzy Peake

Our comprehensive analytical strategies are crucial for clients to stay competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. GTC 360° Advisors provides clients with a complete view of the operating landscape, and a strategic roadmap for leveraging intelligence, research to anticipate opportunities and roadblocks, and key communication strategies to engage target audiences. Our team has designed and implemented competitive intelligence programs for both large and small companies in the energy, technology, and financial sectors. 

360° View of Your Competitor Landscape 

We base our approach on proven methodologies to gather intelligence on regulatory policy developments, plan and activate comprehensive engagement with stakeholders, and analyze decision-making processes to reveal new opportunities to capture new business, engage decision-makers, and outmaneuver competitors. 

Comprehensive Assessment of Your Organization’s Market Potential

Determine the likelihood of success for your organization, product, or brand with a specific audience with a detailed analysis of the market landscape. GTC 360° Advisors uses both quantitative and qualitative research to assess and map the market, equipping our clients with a unique and extensive strategy to identify and act on new opportunities, threats, and challenges to their organization.  



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