Public Affairs & Crisis Management

Key Personnel

George C. Tagg, Jr.

Lizzy Peake

GTC 360° Advisors is experienced in creating and executing global campaigns across multiple markets, countries, and continents. We help clients design, plan, and execute coordinated public advocacy campaigns that raise awareness, build consensus, and effect real change on a large scale. Defend your organization’s reputation with our best-in-class grassroots field team in every U.S. congressional district and media market. Also, GTC 360° Advisors’ global issues and crisis partners work with clients to defend reputations and execute global campaigns at the right place and the right time. 

Strategic Planning and Message Development 

  • Our team works closely with our clients to plan and develop compelling messaging that resonates with target audiences, driving audience adoption, and growth. 
  • Our campaigns influence decisionmakers, build reputations, manage risk, and engage key stakeholders. We leverage the right mediums and strategic partners to engage hard-to-reach groups.  

Champion + Coalition Building

  • Our experts have worked directly with policymakers from inside and outside government. We know the players, the power centers, and the right messages to convey to the right audiences. We utilize our strategic relationships to fully achieve our clients’ objectives in an ever-changing political landscape.
  • We build impactful support for our clients, through our effective champion and coalition development strategies by engaging key partners and stakeholders. 

Synchronized Execution and Strategic Counsel

  • We coordinate across multiple outlets, from earned and paid media to strategic partnerships and direct engagement, sequencing execution at every turn. Our team manages campaigns for our clients through strategically delivered arguments, often employing social media, key stakeholder and influencer outreach, and media relations. 

Success in Crisis Management

  • We understand the role of reputation as an important driver to influence decisionmakers, and we reflect this knowledge within each of our strategies. With each client’s needs at the forefront, we design our strategies and campaigns to reflect the changing expectations of stakeholders, for greater transparency, frequency of communications, and levels of engagement with decisionmakers and stakeholders. 

Trade Promotion Expertise 

  • We have a long history of working to secure the passage of free trade agreements and building closer economic relations. Examples of our work includes: the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement, U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, and U.S.-Georgia High Level Trade Dialogue. Local, Regional, and Global Campaigns
  • We have strategic field team partners in every U.S. congressional district and media market, as well as international partners to execute timely and effective global campaigns and serve client needs across multiple geographies. 


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